Cocobolo Central American Wood Veneer Information

Cocobolo has to be one of the most beautiful woods in existance. It is also quite rare and becoming even more so due to its dwindling supply. This woods natural occurance is some what limited to begin with so as time goes on and it gets harder and harder to come by the price will just keep going up. To add insult to injury many wood workers react to the needle like crystals in its grain. Once these cystals become air born they can come in contact with your skin and or your lungs. At that point it doesn't take long to realize whether you will react or not. It is best to always wear a dust mask while sanding and machining all woods especially Cocobolo. If your skin is sensitive to Cocobolo wear a long sleeve shirt and rinse your hands off before you wipe your brow. We occasionally stock Cocobolo but due to its expense I usually acquire it as needed.

Quarter Cut Cocobolo

Cocobolo Veneer