Veneer Fixtures

Wood River Veneer does fabricate a variety of fixtures for both residential and commercial construction. We frequently fabricate box beams in a variety of wood species. To date the longest box beam facade that we have constructed is 29 feet. It is not unusual for us to construct wall mounted desks and media centers, columns, pilasters, art niches along with a variety of mouldings. All of which may or may not accompany sequenced wall and or ceiling panels. We also fabricate and assemble wood signs for hotels and other commercial applications. So if any of this applies to what you are looking for give us a call and we will try to help you.
Link to Mahogany Furnishings and Fixtures project Page A few years ago, we provided a condominium complex in Florida with panels, columns, pilasters, fixtures, wainscot and trim. Accept for the media area, which is pommele Bubinga, most of the project is plain sliced South American Mahogany. We built everything here in Idaho, packed up a semi trailer, and shipped it all to West Palm Beach, Florida. Due to the heads-up thinking of the two designer partners involved in the project, everything survived hurricane Charley by sitting it out in a warehouse well inland of the beach property the complex sits on. Eventually, the mess was cleaned up and the project was finished. This is what it looks like today.