Veneer Panels

Wood River Veneer produces many types of panels for a variety of applications. Most commonly we fabricate sequenced wall, ceiling and cabinet panels for homes, guest houses, hotels, law and CEO offices, lobbies, elevators, college & Universities, libraries and a host of other needs our customers may have. Most everything we produce is balanced, center balanced and sequence matched but we also lay up random plank and pleasing matches as well. Burl and crotch panels are always balance matched. When we fabricate ceiling panels or tall cabinet door panels, we will incorporate a light weight core construction to reduce dead load. This could be a series of Okoume wood plys and or honeycomb or both. We make rigid panels, flexible panels, curved panels, end matched panels, 2, 3 and 5 plys. We also specialize in over size panels and lately panels for Art applications. So if you are looking for panels, give us a call or throw us a curve and we will give you a free estimate.
Link to Macassar Ebony Wall Paneling project Page We built this Macasser Ebony wall panel system for a home in Colorado. The panel system actually covers both walls of the stairwell and spills out into an alluvial hallway with art niches on either side. The first challenge was to find a sequence that was big enough to provide as many panels as it took to do this. The second challenge was to center balance, stack and end match all those panels. This was a fairly difficult task to accomplish for both Wood River Veneer and the installing shop. There was some hair pulling on both of our behalves. Ultimately, it ended up working out well and, as you can see, the Ebony makes a very dramatic statement.
Link to Maple Plain Quarter Wall Panels project Page This is a commercial project we provided a considerable number of balanced and sequenced plain sliced Maple wall and facade panels. In some instances the panels were attached to a track system which created a void that allowed lighting to be installed behind the panels at both the top and bottom. This feature created up and down lighting that is very attractive. Horizontal panel installations have been popular in commercial projects for quite some time. It seems to have caught up to residental because we are being asked for horizontal matching more and more all the time. What we do not see is the same type of light schemes. This is just one of many commercial panel projects we have supplied panels for. Most of the time when we furnish residential panels they will be cut to size but in need of finish optimization and edge banding, unless they have a thicker edge. Commercial panels more often than not will be cut to finish size and edge-banded. We typically send panels out sanded to 150 gritt figuring that most shops are gooing to do some finish sanding once they get to work with them.
Link to Rift White Oak Ceiling Panels project Page These Rift white Oak ceiling panels are book matched, center balanced, sequenced and end matched with a light weight core that we costructed in our shop. Our challange was to make the installation of these panels as easy as possible and add as little additional dead load weight to the roof struture as possible. We accomplished this by using one hundred percent Okoume marine ply as a core that we sandwiched between layers of 1/8" MDF. We then edged the panels with 1/2" of white oak, cross banded with .09mm of rotary Okoume and finished with a Rift White Oak face and #4 back for balance. The panels ended up being extremely light and installed very easily. We also built the Makore Pommele coffee table top. This is a four piece book match with a plain quartered Makore edge. The base is constructed with solid one inch braded steel that has been anodized, antiqued and finished.
Link to Walnut Claro Wall Paneling and Millwork project Page Wouldn't it be nice to have a home theater? I think everyone should have one of these in their home. We fabricated sequenced Claro Walnut panels for wainscoat, pilasters and several other applications in this theater. The millwork is also Claro and the acoustic panels are covered with fabric. The finish is clear with no stain, so you are actually looking at the natural tone of the wood. WOW! A wood that actually doesn't need to be stained!
Link to Cherry Kitchen Cabinets and Panels project Page This is a mountain home we worked on for more than a year. During that time we cut to size, center balanced and sequence matched many quarter figured Cherry panels for wall applications and cabinetry. This moderately sized home consumed approximately 40,000 square feet of figured Cherry, not to mention the 30,000 square feet of figured Maple, Sycamore and Pecan that went into it as well. It is a home with no exposed sheet rock, just cabinet quality architectural veneer everywhere. This home is stunning. From the moment you set foot on the property it is one large cabinet inside and out. I just do not know how else to describe it. I was very pleased that Wood River Veneer was asked to participate in the construction of this home.
Link to Cherry Rift Cut Panels project Page This is a home that we recently furnished cut to size, balance and sequenced, slip matched rift Cherry panels. We incorporated solid edges on these panels and cut them to 1/64" over finish size. The designer and owner decided they wanted a slip match because the finish tone was very important to them. We did provide samples of both book and slip matched rift Cherry for them to pick from. All the veneer came from one sequence that we clipped the rift quarters from. The back side of the panels are quarter cut, just not as nice a rift grain.
Link to Quarter Figured Maple Cabinets,Ceiling and Wall Panels project Page This is the same home that we fabricated quarter figured Cherry, quarter figured Sycamore and figured Pecan for. In these rooms we fabricated quarter figured Maple for cabinetry, wall panels and flexible panels for the curved ceiling. We made everything from 3 plys to 3/4" good two side door and drawer fronts. You pretty much have to see this home to believe it and appreciate it. One of the things that I like about this home is that it's not a huge place. Rather than spending tons of money on a huge structure the owners decided they wanted to spend their money on craftmanship, which they did, and it worked.