Afrormosia African Wood Veneer Information

Afrormosia occurs primarily in West and Central Africa and is found mostly in the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon and Congo. This species is listed in "CITES APPEDDIX II" for material from West Africa. An in country issued export permit is required to verify that the source of the material is legal, due to its May Become Threatened status. Afrormosia is a very nice decorative veneer and in some cases is used as a substitute for Teak. I do not think it mimics Teak that much and prefer to use it for its own appearance. This wood is some what brittle and it seems to alway's have knife marks in it that can take some work to get out. We have also found that it isn't always so easy to finish. It does seem to have the ability to be blotchy especially when a lighter finish is being used. So we prefer to seal coat first and lay color over that rather than stain right into the grain. We have had issues with the movement of this wood as well, mostly when it is resawn to 3/16" - 1/4". I have a tendancy to like Afrormosia when it has more of a brown tone to it. We pretty much always have some quarter cut in inventory.

Afrormosia Quarter Cut Veneer

Afrormosia Veneer