Maple Burl

Maple Burl is another Burl that is the product of cambium. Maple Burl is common to hard Maple, just more common to soft Maple. Hard Maple tends to have cream to white sapwood and a light reddish brown heartstock. Hard Maple is where birds eye comes from along with some curly and of course burl. Soft Maple trees tend to be very similar to hard Maples just much lighter in density. Soft Maple sapwood can be very white and the heartwood is tan to grey in color. Soft Maple can produce some very attractive spalting along with curl, cluster and angel wing, quilt and burl. Maple is one of the hardest woods to produce without staining. It has a tendency to stain rapidly and therefore is typically dried emmediately after being cut or sliced. Most wood workers are very familiar with the various colors that Maple can display. We have Maple burl that is very pink, sort of rust colored and pretty white. Bark pockets are common to Maple Burl and large plates usually have odd shapes and or bark pockets right where most of us wish they weren't. So keep in mind that large waste factors are very common when you are balance matching Burl.

North American Maple Burl

Maple Burl Veneer