Elm Wood Veneer Information

Elm, American Elm,Gray Elm, Red Elm, Hard Elm, Soft Elm, Slippery Elm, Winged Elm, Rock Elm and Wahoo are all names for Elm that grows in North America. Despite the Dutch Elm rumors there is a lot of Elm growing in the United States and Canada. The issue is that it just isn't that popular so veneer mills choose not to slice any more of it then they are willing to sit on. The most popular colors that we get asked for are red to reddish brown and usually as a rift cut so that is what we try to stock when it is available and people are requesting it. It is a pretty comfortable wood to splice and press and is actually very attractive when sanded and finished. Keep in mind that Elm Burl comes from English Elm. I'm not sure where the term Carpathian comes from if anyone knows please let me know.

North American Quarter Cut Elm